Laws on dating while going through a divorce

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Laws on dating while going through a divorce

As divorce lawyers, one of our goals is to minimize risk for you, and there is indeed risk if you decide to date or enter into a new romantic relationship prior to your divorce being finalized. Who you have dated (and everything related to that) is potentially discoverable.Do you really want to have to list out the people you have gone on dates with or provide copies of your online dating profiles?However, in some states, proof of adultery could have an impact on your divorce settlement.If you and your spouse have separated but not divorced, you may be in a legal gray area when it comes to adultery.Eveland And Foster Law believes that no two family law cases are the same.That’s why we offer legal advice specific to your unique situation and zealously fight on behalf of our clients’ rights.Dating before being divorced can negatively impact alimony, child custody, and/or parenting time.It doesn’t mean that dating before you’re divorced WILL have a negative impact, you just need to be aware that there is risk that it MIGHT.

The way adultery will impact your divorce depends on your state’s laws, which is why it’s wise to hire family lawyers to guide you through this process.

And do you think dating a new person is going to help get your case resolved when emotions are already running high?

For those reasons alone it is not a good idea to date someone (or more than one person) while going through a divorce.

Our attorneys are often asked the following questions: “If I want to move to another state with the children, can my spouse or ex stop me?

” “If my ex tries to relocate outside of Georgia […] How do you choose the best custody lawyer or law firm?

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