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This made me hesitant at first, but we have been so open, honest and intimate that I trust him.His ex-wife suffers from depression which renders her unable to work, unable to care for the children, and unable to take care of household tasks.So I agreed to keep us secret until the right time.The other day, he came to me absolutely shaking, like he had just walked away from a plane crash or something.I also think this is preventing his ex from moving on with her life and her love life, but that’s also not my call to make.

He is also wary because one of the kids has explicitly said that he does not want his parents to date anyone else (although he hasn’t said that in the past year).

I am in my late thirties and have fallen in love for the first time in my life. I believe he is the love of my life, which I have never believed about anybody, and he believes that I am his.

He still lives with his ex-wife and their three children.

I think his solution is terrible, but I don’t have a better suggestion. “[Name], I love you so much, and I want to build a future with you, but I need you to SORT OUT YOUR FUCKING LIFE, so I’m going to give you some space to do that.

Call me when you’ve figured out a custody & housing arrangement that allows you to date me freely and openly.

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