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Loved this part: Gleick’s other big “find”, according to Heartland’s critics, was a plan to infiltrate public schools with educational programs promoting climate denial.

The logic dysfunction by this reporter is stunning. Scott, which I have published complete with an Excel Spreadsheet. It seems even Gleick’s associates were warning him against use of the phrase “anti-climate”.UPDATE34: PM 2/22 AP/Wa Po: Ethicists blast chair of science ethics panel for taking global warming skeptic group’s papers UPDATE 33: PM 2/22 The Guardian reports: Scientist who lied to obtain Heartland documents faces fight to save job.It seems the Pacific Institute Board of directors isn’t very happy.UPDATE85: AM 3/3 The Chicago Tribune weighs in on Fakegate with Climate madness -Skulduggery undermines the case for global warming I missed this when it first came out, but still relevant today.UPDATE84: AM 3/3 More Fakegate Fallout in the form of gotcha jounalism: Fake moral outrage translated to smear: media upset that students can choose to take an elective course on climate change at Carleton UPDATE83: AM 3/2 In Heartland, Gleick, and Media Law, the Columbia Journalism review takes on Fakgate saying: “Gleick leaked information to the press, which puts him in league with figures like Daniel Ellsberg, the source of the Pentagon Papers, and Bradley Manning, the source of the Wikileaks cables, rather than with the muckraking journalists of yore.

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UPDATE80: AM 3/2 From Master Resource – An appreciation for the Heartland Institute and Joe Bast Meanwhile, if you want to show appreciation while poking some fun, Heartland now offers Fakegate Gear UPDATE79: 12PM 3/1 In Politico’s Morning Energy, NCARS’s Kevin Trenberth excuses Gleick’s criminal behavior as “advocacy”, here’s what they say along with quote by Kevin Trenberth: I’VE MADE A HUGE MISTAKE — Peter Gleick’s career isn’t over despite the big scar linked to his duping the Heartland Institute, says Kevin Trenberth, an atmospheric scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colo. UPDATE78: 11AM 3/1 A new documentary about water by the makers of ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ features none other than Peter Gleick. UPDATE77: PM Sci Blogs resident crank Greg Laden has a wild conspiracy theory according to Mr.

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