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She worked hard, got herself out of welfare, advanced rapidly through her chosen profession, and brought up two fine children. Judy Bradford was a smart, assertive, take-charge sort of person who took pride in her street-smarts and ability to look after herself.While working as a home-care nurse for a dying Boston man, Judy became acquainted with her patient's son, a successful lawyer named Jeffrey Smith. After being together for ten years, the couple finally married in November 1986.When she was just out of high school, she entered into a marriage which failed almost immediately.Her husband abandoned her when he fled to Sweden to avoid being drafted into the Vietnam War.The long wait for the wedding bells appears to have been Judy's idea.After so many years of independence (not to mention two failed marriages) she was understandably uneasy about a third trip down the altar.Judith "Judy" Eldridge did not have a particularly easy life.

She had told Jeff she planned to visit Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell.From his office, he faxed and mailed 9,000 flyers about Judy up and down the Eastern seaboard. But according to Jeff, they uncovered no significant clues.Then, five months after Judy had vanished, a father and son noticed something strange while hiking near Asheville, North Carolina.And that they had been in Pennsylvania and he was at a convention.And she had decided to come down here.”“We found a blue and black backpack at the crime scene.

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Fortunately, she was more than equal to the challenge.