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There are dozens of them — mostly commercial enterprises, running the gamut from slick sites aimed at secular young professionals to cozier frum sites that seek to replicate some of the functions of the traditional matchmaker.

Let's face it; most of these sites are amazingly similar.

When you create your profile, you provide your city and state and can also set a preferred mile range (e.g., you only want to meet people within 20 miles).

His columns alternate with those of Mark Mietkiewicz.

In the dating section you'll find an assortment of sober articles that give a more religious perspective on love and romance, including lots of practical advice: "Ten Ways to Marry the Wrong Person," " Ten Golden Rules." You can also follow a link to learn more about Aish Ha Torah's great contribution to Western civilization: Speed Dating. You can attend Aish Speed Dating events in cities around the country, including the Bay Area (the site provides a schedule), or you can participate in the online variant, which involves a series of 7-minute private chats with potential matches.

You can participate in the basic service for free; premium services have a modest charge, much less than commercial online dating services.

OK, a Jewish holiday it isn't, but a lot of American Jews still get a tingly feeling every year when Feb. If that describes you, never fear; the World Wide Web has plenty of sites to help you along the great highway of romance, and ease you past some of the potholes.

In the Old Country, the matchmaker was a big deal; today, it's the Jewish dating-service Web site.

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