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Jack fm oxford dating

More It’s time to pack at Jack, as the company moves from its home in ‘the Dumpy Building’ to a new studio complex just outside Oxford.The graffiti-covered commode on the Woodstock Road has been home to the Jack family of stations since 2007, but from April 1st they will broadcast from the Oasis Business Park in Eynsham.If the radio doesn't start at all, try to check the Troubleshooting page to find a solution!

Abingdon railway station was closed to passengers in September 1963.

JACKfm is a multiple award winner radio, among others, multiple Arqiva Commercial Radio Awards, and Sony Radio Academy Awards are in the collection of the just over 10 years old radio.

As local radio, JACKfm supplies Oxfordshire with locally relevant news, sports, travel-traffic information, and weather updates.

In the 13th and 14th centuries, Abingdon was an agricultural centre with an extensive trade in wool, alongside weaving and the manufacture of clothing.

Charters for the holding of markets and fairs were granted by various monarchs, from Edward I to George II.

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The truth is, with deregulation and the continued movement of the top talent in the industry, anything could happen in 2019.

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