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There is little I can do for Michael, unless he is interested in hardware shops. Anyway, yes, from all over the world of people who want to raise their profile but not commit themselves to a reality show for three months come the wannabe Celebrity Apprentices.Carol Vorderman second official laugh of the episode: Obviously, being nice for 5 seconds is more than his Publicly Endorsed Image will stand, so he then rattles off some crap about how they all live in a kissy kissy lovey lovey huggy buggy snuggy wuggy fuggy muggy world a world that Jack Dee is clearly familiar with: He then says there are some very bright people here — a fact he points out by getting Carol Vorderman to do a fairly simple sum, slower than both myself and my flatmate did.Meanwhile, kids are actually surprisingly positive about the girls Sticky Party Suit idea. Patsy and Fiona inform Michelle of this finding with Patsy blathering more about positivity and forward drive completely oblivious to how she will be behaving in approximately 15 minutes time and the Sticky Suit sans fart noises it is.Meanwhile the boys have found their focus group — one boy in a toy shop. And then make a really quick initial return to cover these massive costs. The boys meanwhile are underwhelmed by their belt, but excited by the actual crappy little plastic figures.

This done, the boys get down to the serious business of coming up with a toy. Gerald points out that companies spend huge amounts of money which they dont have on collectibles which never develop into crazes and that this too ambitious and risky.

In fact, strange as it might seem, the things I hate about myself have become my trademark and I am slowly, begrudgingly learning to, if not love them, to at least live with them.

I am ready now to take a long hard look at myself and that's what Alanatomy is.

Ruby suggests the ritualistic sacrifice of anyone with a negative, pissy attitude.

Gok, like the competitive person he promised to be at the start of the episode, operates his space hopper like so: Not do distracted, the girls get down to the serious business of picking a team leader out of the four tv personalities and the one businesswoman.

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Anal beads for the under 12s whereas Alan just wants to have a nice cup of tea. If I was stuck in a car with Gok Wan my nice cup of tea would have to laced with something though.

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