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Irenaeus dating revelation

(John himself mentions he was at Patmos when he received the Revelation).

John is clearly writing to the seven churches and consequently to people being persecuted by Rome.

•A quote, arguably attributed to Papius (130 AD), states that John the Apostle was martyred before the destruction of Jerusalem in A. Nero died in 68 AD, and according to Roman law, those banned by a prior Caesar would be released by the succeeding Caesar.

Peter also wrote to the Christians in Asia Minor around the same time for an early date or a few years before John (1Pet. He notes that they were in extreme persecution, suffering, and in dire anguish.

Unlike letters today, the book of Revelation does not come to us postmarked with a date, so scholars and researchers need to make a reasonable assumption about the date of this book from careful study that is not based solely upon a theological agenda.

The context and word meanings of the material in Revelation do give us clues to examine.

The argument goes that if the kings were the Roman emperors, and if it started with the first, 1. If the "beast" represents the Roman Empire and its megalomaniac emperors like Nero and Domitian, then Revelation could not have been written during the reigns of either Nero or Domitian; rather, just before either one! Another "internal evidence" is how John addressed his personal situation. word example in Daniel 9 is the term "the abomination of desolation." This is an image of extreme evils, oppression, sexual exploitations, and the seductions of the world, referring to the evils of paganism and immorality and rationalizing it as OK (Lev ; Jer. Daniel predicted this would happen after the death/rejection of the Messiah, which was also fulfilled at the crucifixion and the Temple's destruction in 70 A. He is not teaching about "The Last Day" (of history), but the last days of the Jewish economy, the false religious system of the Jews, and the beginning of the New Covenant era.

John was still to experience a lot of life after this writing, not that he was ready to die of old age. , John is told that he "must prophesy again before many peoples, and nations, and tongues, and kings." If John received this message around 96 A. Of course, an assist from God would be an answer too. D., then he had lots of time and the enablement to do it. This is what John's readers and hearers were going through.

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In addition, Jesus' own words are seen in Matthew 24:1-3: "I tell you the truth, not one stone here will be left on another; everyone will be thrown down ....

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