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I am dating and find it very difficult and stressful to try to tell someone I want to be intimate with, that I have an ostomy. I would also like to know how can I hide or keep my bag from getting in the way during intimacy.

I am so worried that I will never find someone who will accept the fact that I have an ostomy.

Since my opperation i have been told in very clear terms that there is going to be no sex for the duration of my bag.

Luckily its only 6 months until i have my reversal but when u add the 2 months prior it seems like a life sentance.

Yea I know, there are alot of wonderful, sweet women out there who will understand. Theres not been any dating adds so i though id be brave and be the 1st to put one on. well i suppose I'm like a prince charming that is seeking his beautiful princess.

If you believe that you've watched and read too many love stories. How can you have sex with the thought there could be the slightest chance of an a... Well hello i was wondering what to write as a punchline 1st so it was either romeo seeks his Juliette or prince charming seeks his princess they both sound like me so any way lol. i will treat you like a princess show you lots of love and affection give you lots of cuddles and kisses show you that your wanted and f...

I recently began talking to a young man online who asked for my phone number. I find I'm even more of a sub unit as the others on this site.

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As a reminder, Camila reportedly broke up with her boyfriend Matthew Hussey, and the timing was all kinds of suspicious—mostly because she and Shawn released the video for their new song "Señorita," aka the sexiest thing that has ever happened to You Tube. Oh, here you go: Shawn and Camila haven't confirmed their relationship, and let's be real: at this point it's basically fan-fic. Because nothing says patriotism like a bunch of sexual tension!

They were spotted looking "intimate" (whatever that means) at a Fourth of July party.

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