Hum cams

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Hum cams

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Once determined you can either replace that piece of gear or read our extended hum fixing guide for further instructions.

Yes, to Step 3 If steps 1 and 2 were “no”, but removing all inputs eliminates the hum, it is likely you have what is called a ground loop.

There are a number of fairly common reasons why your fins may hum on your Thruster. First, improper "foiling" (how the thickness tapers, from both base to tip and through the cross section of the fin) may disturb the waterflow to such an extent that it breaks away from following the surface of the fin the way it should.

Now, this simplistic explanation has just leapfrogged over volumes of physics that deal with aero/hydrodynamics, so I must beg the indulgence of any readers from Cal Tech and JPL.

Different types of fins and foils present various waterflow problems; fins that are foiled on both sides allow the flow of water to wrap more or less evenly around the fin (how evenly is sorely tested in hard turns), while the side fins on a Thruster create an unbalanced flow.

When the water flow is disrupted or forced to separate from the fin, turbulence will rear its head.

This turbulence can often result in vibration in the thinner tip of the fin, and voila, you have your hum.

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So, Thruster fins are fixed onto the board in such a way to exploit this; the front fins are toed-in a little and the foiled side of the fins face the rails.