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Hookup zone inf

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That and inter framework communication like rxjs pub sub between Angular components and Angular JS components.

This doesn't work anymore since you no longer can share an instance of the pub sub service.

So, you can only safely use a downgraded service inside a downgraded component (i.e. I know this is limiting enough that you might decide to not use So..does the recommended implementation look like in the case where you want an injectable/ service accessible to the entire app (both the angular and angularjs side), and Upgade Module hits performance like a truck.

Creating a new angularjs service and upgrading it seems counter-intuitive, and I I think the biggest downside to giving up seamless service sharing between Angular and Angular JS is losing a flexible way to share state between the two frameworks.

Since downgrade module is utilized after angular 1 is bootstrapped how do you add a "downgrade Injectable" service to the angular 1 DI tree given that Angular 5 is not bootstrapped yet and therefore the angular injector is not available? In this example an error is thrown: Uncaught Error: Trying to get the Angular injector before bootstrapping an Angular module.

https://stackoverflow.com/questions/47189917/using-downgrademodule-in-conjunction-with-downgradeinjectable-in-an-angular-an , but there are certain limitations.

in downgraded components).) But there should be nothing stopping us from making all of these configurable app-wide regardless of the way the hybrid app is bootstrapped ( I switched to using downgrade Module to alleviate some performance issues we were having, but now I'm occasionally having Angular components that are inside of our Angular JS app not render (their bindings are stale) until the next Angular JS $digest cycle.

It makes sense that downgraded components have to run in the "change detection aware" zone, but this does not seem appropriate for existing Angular 1 handlers - at least not as the default.

Minimal reproduction of the problem with instructions Register any native event handler in an ng Upgrade application What is the motivation / use case for changing the behavior? I currently have a hybrid Angular JS/Angular app that uses the ng Idle library.

A potential workaround for inter component communication is to use an Event Emitters to bubble up data from Angular components to wrapping Angular JS components.

offers better performance characteristics, but at the same time imposes some limitations that make it not suitable for certain cases.

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Once patched, it appears that all handlers are enlisted in the Angular (4 ) zone. A side effect of this is that digest cycles are fired in the Angular 1 application every time one of the patched event handlers are invoked.

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