Hg updating to public failed dating purpose marriage

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Otherwise, hg assumes the destination will have all the nodes you specify with --base parameters.Otherwise, hg will assume the repository has all the nodes in destination, or default-push/default if no destination is specified.The archive type is automatically detected based on file extension (to override, use -t/--type). Each member added to an archive file has a directory prefix prepended.Use -p/--prefix to specify a format string for the prefix.

If no conflicts were encountered, it will be committed immediately.

You can change bundle format with the -t/--type option. By default, the most appropriate format is used and compression defaults to bzip2.

The bundle file can then be transferred using conventional means and applied to another repository with the unbundle or pull command.

If you supply a command, it will be used for automatic bisection.

The environment variable HG_NODE will contain the ID of the changeset being tested.

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