Hay budden dating

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Hay budden dating

Lots of compiled articles written by working blacksmiths from way back in the day. If you don’t hear from me again it’s cuz I’ve burned my house down…

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Vulcans were raised while Arm & hammer's were stamped in.If the area under the heel is rough worked, it would likely be a Arm & Hammer.No seam, then I would suspect a one-piece cast Swedish. - If it meets the other criteria for one of the above, and it has no serial number, it may be one of their rejects sold on the secondary market.This is just intended as a rough guide for identifying anvils which are not clearly marked.For more detail information see Anvil's in America by Richard Postman (and More on Anvils when it is published): - If there is an oval depression in the bottom it may be either a Trenton. If there is a clear line/seam showning a top plate it would likely be a Trenton or Arm & Hammer.

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If anyone has the Anvils in America book & can let me know the year of manufacture for my Hay Budden anvil, serial 198337, I would really appreciate it. thanks, when you have a chance to look I'd sure appreciate it. 128# and not a mark on the face - like it was rarely (or never) used...

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