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Posted by / 06-Apr-2020 07:31

Figure 2 shows the calendar of an user with whom I shared my calendar.Because I restricted sharing to “can see when I’m busy”, they can see Free, Busy, or Tentative slots in my calendar.From a client perspective, the new sharing model is implemented in OWA now.Over time, the other Outlook clients will upgrade their interface to support the new sharing model.Calendar sharing is one of those banal but important pieces of functionality that makes offices work.

The implementation supports different scenarios, including sharing between Office 365 tenants and sharing between Office 365 and The first impression gained after using the new model is that it’s much simpler.The second is wonderment that this change has taken so long. For whatever reason, the new model is straightforward and easy to understand.I can’t quite work out why the situation has persisted until now, but it did.In any case, Microsoft wants to make calendar sharing and delegate management much easier and set out their plans at the Ignite conference last September.

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