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Geektools clock not updating

Some skin authors create their own controls for users to customize their skins.These controls may be included as a separate utility, or they may be created entirely within Rainmeter as another skin.Others are more complex, like miniature applications themselves.Some skins even come bundled in large "suites" and include their own tools for customizing their form and appearance, within or alongside Rainmeter's basic user interface.It includes a powerful and flexible set of features, and we are continually surprised by the creative ways that those features are used.However, it is important to understand what Rainmeter does In short, you cannot usually download and apply someone else's amazing desktop transformation in one click.In my case, I only had time, stock quotes, displayed CPU tasks and usage.

If you want to create skins, or modify someone else's skin beyond the customization options that the author has provided, then you will get some hands-on experience with Rainmeter's code language.Rainmeter is a free, open-source application for Windows PCs.It is a platform that enables skins to run on the desktop. Some skins are very simple, single-purpose tools, like Windows desktop gadgets, or "widgets" on an Android device.Every skin works differently, depending on the choices of that skin's individual author.However, all skins are made from the same building blocks: measures, which gather information from your computer, a website, a text file, or some other source; and meters, which create visual elements in the skin's window, such as frames, borders, backgrounds, images, text, charts, or buttons.

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If this is the case, then you will not need to know any code to customize these skins.