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After playing with friends on the streets and in the small Grupo Alegria club, Batistuta joined the local Platense junior team.While with Platense he was selected for the Reconquista team that won the provincial championship following victory over Newell's Old Boys.

Batistuta is the only player in football history to score two hat-tricks in different World Cups.

He filmed several commercials and was invited onto numerous TV shows, but in spite of this, Batistuta always remained a low-profile family man.

In 1997, Batistuta's second son, Lucas, was born, and a third son, Joaquín, followed in 1999. In 2000, Batistuta and his family moved to Rome, where he played for Roma.

He was away from home, his family, and his girlfriend Irina, sleeping in a room at the stadium, and had a weight problem that slowed his progress.

At the end of that year, Batistuta was loaned to a smaller team, Deportivo Italiano, with whom he participated in the Carnevale Cup in Italy, ending as top scorer with three goals.

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Under the guidance of Bielsa, whom Batistuta described in his autobiography as the most important coach he has ever had, and “the one who taught me how to train on rainy days, he taught me everything”, he was physically transformed, fed encouragement, and was set on the path into the player he was to become.

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