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But Epstein didn’t know the girls’ ages, Goldberger said, and took a polygraph test to prove it. In court filings responding to victims’ lawsuits, Epstein said each teenager “consented to and was a willing participant in the acts alleged” and that he “reasonably believed” they were 18 years old during the “alleged acts.”Epstein eventually walked free with a slap on the wrist, even after Florida cops took their case from state prosecutors to the FBI and U. In an unusually sweet deal with federal prosecutors, he served 13 months of his 18-month sentence in the private wing of a Palm Beach county jail and was permitted to leave six days a week, for 16 hours each day, for “work release,” according to local press reports.

Protesters on both sides of the political aisle are now using Epstein’s reputation as ammo. Meanwhile, at a rally in Duluth, Minnesota, on Wednesday, President Trump booted a protester who hoisted an old photo of him with the accused sex 2011 to claim that Epstein flew her across the world to “meet” Prince Andrew when she was 17 years old.The litigation from Roberts and other Jane Does has untangled more sinister layers of Epstein’s operation—including alleged sex crimes that occurred in New York but apparently went unprosecuted.On June 6, a Philadelphia Trump supporter interrupted Bill Clinton at his book event to shout, “Why did you fly on Jeffrey Epstein’s Lolita Express 26 times? Why, what were you doing on Jeffrey Epstein’s plane? The text on the demonstrator’s poster simply asked: Who is Jeffrey Epstein?”The activist, Howard Caplan, was referring to the press’ nickname for Epstein’s private jet. Now two cases could propel Epstein back into the spotlight—including one where Roberts, who claimed Epstein kept her as his “sex slave,” is expected to testify against him in a Florida trial.

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But aside from a minor conviction in Florida—for which he served a mere 13 months—Epstein has emerged remarkably unscathed.

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