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Freaky chats com

As such, I would argue that the word creepypasta itself no longer refers to the copied-and-pasted short stories that it originally described.Instead, it's become a catch-all term for Internet-based horror fiction, with all of the advantages the medium presents: Although the stories are still usually anchored in text, they're now illustrated with photographs, videos, and much, much more.So here: Have a selection of lesser-known creepypastas to read.Because you weren't planning on sleeping tonight anyway, right?A photograph of some school children from the turn of the century, for example, whose images are all blurred — a detail no one noticed until they all perished in a fire.Or a photograph of a Civil War soldier with some damage inflicted upon it — damage which mirrors the injuries he suffered in the war.

But in “Anomaly,” someone has dug up those archives, and the stories attached to each photograph…well, they're not the kinds of things you can easily ignore.

If you've read only one video game creepypasta, it's the infamous Legend of Zelda–inspired saga “Ben DROWNED.” If you've read only two video game creepypastas, you can usually add “The Princess” to the list.

Sometimes referred to by the last line of its first installment — “If you see her, turn off the game”— this one hits all the same nostalgia buttons as “Ben DROWNED”; it's not quite as immersive as that one, but it's still worth a look.

First, a little history: Originally, the term “creepypasta” derived from “copypasta,” itself a bastardization of “copy paste.” Usually it refers to any text commonly copied and pasted on the Internet: Chain letters, those ineffective “I own everything on my page, Facebook! Creepypasta, then, is its spookier cousin, a sort of digital update to the urban legends we used to tell each other in the dark at sleepovers when we were kids.

According to Know Your Meme, the word itself entered the vernacular courtesy of 4chan around 2007; by 2010, it was on its way to achieving widespread popularity (I credit a New York Times article, of all things, with bringing it to my attention in November of that year), and it's only been gaining steam since.

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Anyone who's ever spent time playing video games has experienced a freaky glitch or two…but what if that glitch isn't a glitch? And what if that glitch starts finding its way into every single game you play?

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