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Ren goes inside the mill and exclaims "Hey, I thought this was a party!

" The he flings confetti into a shredding machine and yells, "Let's dance!

This prompts his father Shaw Moore, the Reverend of the town's church to persuade the city council to pass several draconian laws, including a ban on all unsupervised dancing within the city limits (based, in part, on the highly controversial New York City Cabaret Law).

After Shaw tells the story of Bobby, Ren states that even though they denied the motion to dismiss the law, they cannot stop the dance.

Later in church, Shaw finds out about the incident and demands Ren's arrest, Ariel tells him that he can't blame everything on Ren just like he did with Bobby.

She then reveals that she is no longer a virgin, which prompts Shaw to beg for her to not talk like that in church, having Ariel sarcastically ask Moore if he will pass another law and says that it didn't stop her and Chuck from having sex.

They sold clothing inspired by the film, such as women's red boots, denim, footwear and nail polish brands created by Vince Camuto and Steve Madden.

Footloose was promoted on the October 11, 2011, episode of Dancing with the Stars.

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On Rotten Tomatoes, it has a 69% approval rating, and the site calls the story "fresh for a new generation".

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