Food code dating expiration codes dating flash game

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Food code dating expiration codes

Another example would be a #22 Chicken and Salsa – that menu only appeared in 1998 – after that, Chicken and Salsa move to menu #7.

I have a few #10 cans and other items from Sysco that do not have an expiration date on them(that I can find).

In this case, the first number “1” stands for the year (2001) and the next three numbers indicate which day of the year (365 days in a year) it was packed.

So “068” would be day 68 of the year 2001…or March 9, 2001.

If the MRE bag is dark brown, that means your MRE is from 1995 or earlier.

In 1996, they switched over to the tan-colored bags.

Tip: With eggs, it’s safe to assume that if you’re within 30 days of the 3-digit code, the eggs are still safe to consume.

You can also test an egg’s freshness by putting it in a bowl of cold water.

The inspection date on MREs is usually three years after the packed date.Similarly, if you have a brown #6 Chicken Ala King, you can tell from the menu list that the last time that MRE was used was 1992 – so yours could be from 1992 or earlier.The same sort of theory works for the newer tan MREs.To get a better idea of the MREs age, take a look at which MRE you have.If you have a #8 Ham Slice, you’re out of luck because that could have come from 1990-1995. However, if you have a brown #4 Chili Macaroni, you’re in luck – because that MRE was introduced in 1995 in a brown bag and every #4 Chili Macaroni after that (1996-2003) was packaged in a tan bag.

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