Fake soldiers online dating video dating fat kid

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Fake soldiers online dating

“The number one scam is the daters themselves not being authentic,” said David Evans, an industry veteran and author of the blog Online Dating Insider.

“That by far dwarfs anything else you’ll dig up.”Dating scams range from using a dishonest photo from ten years or 30 lbs.

Women can check these claims out with Stolen Valor.com, and the FINRA broker database, Broker Check.” She is working on a third class that will involve a trip to the courthouse.Her book, “Investi Date: How to Investigate Your Date,” is out in paperback and will be out as an ebook soon.“It’s kind of like Inspector Gadget,” she said.Last week, Betabeat ran a feature about a common online dating scam: sites that buy and sell profiles to plump up their databases.But as we learned while investigating that story, dubious practices by dating sites are far, far outshone by dubious practices by dating site members.

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The Army says the 'fake soldier' scam is happening all over the country.