Face to face sex chat hun

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Face to face sex chat hun

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A glamorous businesswoman was in charge of conducting an interview for her husband’s personal assistant.

Eventually, his wife joined and helped her, forcing her head deeper on his boner.

The wife then stripped in her underwear and started rubbing her pussy all horny, watching as her husband was licking future assistant’s young and wet pussy.

Girls started another game and now, knowing he had more time, he was ready to pound the brunette hardcore.

He quickly tore her thin pants and sat on the chair while she slowly lowered herself on his thick rod.

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After that, the wife was the one to mount him and ride in cowgirl position while the younger brunette rode his face with her soft pussy, kissing the wife meantime. The young naked girl came the same way, riding while feeling a tongue on her clit and then they kept going rough and fast until he reached his limits and shot a thick load of cum all over both of horny hungry sluts.

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