Excel saga dating sim dani campbell and romi dating

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She is cursed with the inability to maintain an internal monologue, constantly speaking aloud her innermost thoughts and feelings.

Since Elgala is a snob who thinks nearly everyone is below her, these thoughts are often of the disparaging variety and frequently irritate Excel.

Despite his power, he is an object of ridicule among most of his subordinates due to his appearance, mannerisms, and seeming disregard for lives and laws.

"That Man" poses as a friend to Pedro and seduces both Pedro's sexy wife and the Great Will.Despite numerous threats, Excel comes to care for her after a fashion.Hyatt, though, more intently views Menchi as a ration.Discrepancies between the two media aside, both manga and anime make it clear that Lord Il Palazzo suffers from severe psychological disorders, most notably multiple personality disorder. Excel approaches her work with an excess of determination and enthusiasm, but a lack of foresight and understanding.She is in quick succession impossibly lucky and impossibly unlucky, but she never manages to complete a mission without help, and even her successes are usually attained by happenstance. She displays a schoolgirl crush towards Ilpalazzo that borders on fanatic obsession, even going as far as to converse with a picture of him while home alone.

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That Man is part of the ACROSS Six, the governing body of ACROSS, and longs to use "the power of the Great Will and the devilishness of the woman" to take over the universe.