Etrust not updating

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Etrust not updating

\C:\WINDOWS\system32\C:\WINDOWS\system32\(Microsoft Corporation / Services and Controller app) C:\WINDOWS\system32\(Microsoft Corporation / LSA Shell (Export Version)) C:\WINDOWS\system32\(Microsoft Corporation / Generic Host Process for Win32 Services) (Microsoft Corporation / Generic Host Process for Win32 Services) C:\WINDOWS\System32\(Microsoft Corporation / Generic Host Process for Win32 Services) (Microsoft Corporation / Generic Host Process for Win32 Services) C:\WINDOWS\system32\(Microsoft Corporation / Spooler Sub System App) C:\Program Files\Yahoo! Thanks, I still hate pc'sthere seems to be no firewall on your pc - i misunderstood your first post...\Antivirus\(Computer Associates International, Inc. / CA ISafe Service) C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\VS7DEBUG\MDM. you're not having problems with firefox (except for the lost bookmarks), but with your antivir-program?! Try removing it, then reinstalling it from the disc or the Yahoo said you've etrust EZ anti-virus - as its name states this is a ANTIVIRUS program, not a firewall...if you don't know which firewall you've installed, download & run trollys enum process and post its results in here...The auto update feature in the etrust anti-virus keeps giving error messages. I'm not the computer geek so a "run program" box might help!here are the results: [System Process] System \System Root\System32\(Microsoft Corporation / Client Server Runtime Process) \?? / Dashboard Module) C:\Program Files\Messenger\(Microsoft Corporation / Windows Messenger) C:\WINDOWS\system32\(Microsoft Corporation / CTF Loader) C:\Program Files\Yahoo! Music Engine\C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\(Mozilla Corporation / Firefox) C:\WINDOWS\(Microsoft Corporation / Windows Explorer) C:\Documents and Settings\House\My Documents\Downloads\Enum (Me, myself and I / Enum Process) let me know what you see here.

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Ensure that the ‘Lock’ icon at the top is in the unlocked position. To the left of the window, click ‘Program Control’ 4. You should get a firewall alert asking for access permission to allow the processes mentioned above, please allow them, this should get your internet working again.

[3] I've monkeyed with the "tools"-"options"-tabs/settings for over an hour with no success. Because it changed it on the PC and not just for firefox (not my primary browser). But now that I see that this is happening with firefox on my PC I fully intend to NOT mess up my Mac....

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