Eric stein dating jessica Chat with married women

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Eric stein dating jessica

Two heterosexual girly-girls decide to give lesbian love a try in this cuddly romantic comedy.

A veteran of the dating wars, high-strung, strenuously quirky New York City copy editor Jessica Stein (Jennifer Westfeldt) is beginning to wonder whether she'll ever meet Mr.

Item 2 - “Dump The Funk” - Over the next 24 hours, how many times are you willing to have this funky mixture dumped over your head? Bids: Daniele 24, Jameka 24, Jen 24, Kail 24 and Zach 24. Item 3 - “,000 Cash” - The person who writes down the highest number from 0 to 10,000 wins the amount of money they wrote down. The number of shots earned were as follows: Zach 3, Jameka 4, Jessica 5, Daniele 7, Dustin 10, Dick 10. Veto Competition - “Big Brother Speedway” Veto Players: Daniele, Amber, Jameka, Dick, Jessica and Zach. The viewers were asked their opinions about hot topics in the house. Daniele and Amber were taken to the diary room and informed that they will be boarding a private jet for New York City to be contestants on the game show “Power of 10” hosted by Drew Carey. Veto Ceremony Daniele used the Power of Veto on Amber. Ho H Competition - “Tanks For The Memories” The houseguests sat above 350 gallon tanks of water. Question 2: Who did Carol say would do the worst in a spelling bee, A) Jessica or B) Amber? Eric answered incorrectly and was eliminated from the competition. Question 4: Who did Nick say he would least like to see streaking, A) Eric or B) Zach? Amber and Zach answered incorrectly and were eliminated from the competition. Dick answered incorrectly and was eliminated from the competition. Nomination Ceremony Jessica nominated Amber and Zach for eviction.

Item 1 - “Show Me The Bunny” - Over the next 5 days, how many hours are you willing to wear a bunny suit to stay in the competition? Bids: Dustin 100, Jameka 110, Daniele 120, Jen 120, Kail 120, Zach 120. Daniele, Jen, Kail and Zach will wear the bunny suit for the next 5 days. Answer: Kail, Jessica buzzed in and answered correctly. The person with the most points will win the Power of Veto. Question 4: True or false, the mini mad hatter ran around the house with seven cards on his hat? Amber answered incorrectly and was eliminated from the competition. Nomination Ceremony Daniele nominated Amber and Jameka for eviction. The top two competitors in the veto competition earned a mystery trip out of the house. Votes to evict Jen (5): Amber, Dick, Eric, Zach and Jessica. Jen received a penalty vote for breaking the food restriction rules while a have-not.

However, he or she will be eliminated from the competition. Votes to evict Kail (4): Jessica, Jameka, Dustin and Amber. Ho H Competition - “Let’s Make A Duel” The houseguests will face off two at a time and answer questions about things that the evicted houseguests have said in the diary room. There will be five heats at the Big Brother Speedway. Questions were asked of the first five evicted houseguests, and it is up to the houseguest to figure out how they answered. If you answer incorrectly, Jen will push the button that sends the houseguests plunging into the ice cold water. Question 1: Who did Joe say was most in need of a slop diet, A) Zach or B) Jameka? Question 3: Given the choice between Jameka and Dick, who did Kail say she would give her bible to, A) Jameka or B) Dick? Question 5: When asked to describe what movie their Big Brother experience was like, Kail said “Animal House” and Nick said “Love Actually”. Veto Competition - “Cat Scratch Veto” Each houseguest will stand on their tree stump and the cat will utter a word or phrase.

Riddle: His heart rang like a bell for houseguest Daniele. They must transfer the tea to the tank at the end of their walkway as fast as they can, using a mini tea cup. Question 8: During the veto meeting, did Amber say my journey has been an amazing journey before or after she said obviously no one wants to be up in this chair, it’s a crappy feeling? The first houseguest to fill their tube with eight green balls and press the button on their podium wins the Power of Veto. Veto Ceremony Zach decided not to use the Power of Veto. If you answer correctly, you will take one step up the platform. Question 3: In the picture of “Name That Pie”, what was the blue team’s score? Answers: Daniele - Blue, Jameka - Grey, Zach - Blue. Question 5: In the picture of “Cutthroat Christmas”, how many houseguests were wearing sunglasses? Answers: Daniele - Mike, Jameka - Mike, Zach - Mike. Question 7: In the picture of the “Humpty Scramble”, how many swirl mats can be seen reflected in the window? You must put the face of the houseguest on the board that corresponds to the two clues around it. Once the face is on the board you must spin the wheel to find the corresponding number. Final Ho H Competition - Part 1 - “The Bunny Hop” Julie instructed the houseguests to hop on to one of the carrots and keep at least one hand on the key above them at all times.

There are nine pieces of art and the houseguest with the most Big Brother Bucks at the end of the competition will win the Power of Veto. Jameka was the last to return and was eliminated from the competition. Riddle: Who could know he would be the fourth to go? Ho H Competition - "Big Brother Tea Party" Each houseguest is standing next to a teapot filled with 55 gallons of tea. The houseguests must collect only the green balls and stack them in their clear tube. The houseguest will be asked a series of questions about the photos. Question 4: In the picture of the competition known as “Shot For Shot”, what colour is Dustin’s shirt? Question 6: Who is wearing a bowtie in the picture of the competition “The Mad Hatter”? Question 8: Are there any rats in the cage of the picture of “Cat Scratch Veto”? Tiebreaker Question: What was the total number of houseguests in the 13 competition pictures on the memory wall? On the board are a series of clues that correspond to an evicted houseguest. Jury Vote Eric voted for DICK Jameka voted for DANIELE Dustin voted for DICK Jen voted for DANIELE Zach voted for DICK Amber voted for DICK Jessica voted for DICK Dick won Big Brother 8 by a vote of 5-2.

Veto Competition - “Vincent Van Veto” Veto Players: Dustin, Jen, Kail, Daniele, Jameka and Jessica. The living room was transformed into an art gallery. Item 5 - “Power Shortage” - Out of the next 5 Ho H competitions, how many are you willing to not participate in? How much of that prize money, up to 0,000, would you be willing to give up to win the Power of Veto? If they answer incorrectly, they will be eliminated from the competition. Daniele selected Dustin and Eric to face off first. Question 1: What percentage of those polled think Kail would make a good politician? Question 2: What percentage of those polled think life in the Big Brother house is easy? Question 3: What percentage of those polled think that Dustin is a better boyfriend than Joe? Question 4: What percentage of those polled said they would rather have a beer with Nick than Mike? If you are the last to bring him his meal, you will be eliminated.

Nomination Ceremony Dustin nominated Jen and Kail for eviction. Daniele incorrectly interpreted “Power of Veto”, answering with “Veto”. Big Brother offered a trip for two to Barbados for 750 Big Brother Bucks. Jen and Kail will be on slop for the next 720 hours. Item 6 - “Money Walks” - The Big Brother grand prize is 0,000. If they answer correctly they will stay in the game and will choose the next two houseguests to face off. After five heats, the winner will receive the Power of Veto. You must find a rat that matches the answer and bring the rat to the hungry cat.

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Veto Competition - “Hide and Seek Veto" Veto Players: Kail, Amber, Carol, Daniele, Jameka and Nick. Each competitor will be given a veto box and be put into an isolation booth so that they cannot communicate with each other. The best curler of the day will choose from all of the gifts, including the Power of Veto. Round 2: Daniele 1, Amber 5, Mike 5, Dick 17, Jen 20. Jen’s gift was a unitard that she must wear for the rest of the week.

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