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In the "Signal" field, verify that the value is above -100 Bm. If the signal is weaker than -100 Bm (the figure you see is smaller, e.g., -110 Bm), the signal strength in your area is too weak for normal functions.If your signal is stronger than -100 Bm (with a larger number, e.g., -90 Bm), continue troubleshooting.UITS recommends you replace your Black Berry with a device that is compatible with Active Sync.

If the date and time are correct, or if you have problems after fixing them, continue troubleshooting. Once it has restarted, test to see whether you can now send and receive email. To check the network settings on most models: If you are unable to register the handheld or connect to the network, or do not have the correct options displayed in the "Roaming" or "Status" fields, contact your service provider.

This causes a hard reset, forcing the network to register the device as a new device on the network.

This is a common fix for coverage areas in which you normally have a connection and can send and receive email, but are now having trouble (see the charts above to determine coverage areas).

The 3G network is faster; Indianapolis and Bloomington users should see that level of service.

Older models that do not support EDGE or 3G will most likely have a "GPRS" indicator; "GPRS" should be capitalized.

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It’s been almost a year since we officially launched, and today we’re announcing an exciting software update to the platform.

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