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Effects dating violence victims

I don’t know, I just don’t, it’s such a weird – I never thought that I could ever I can’t believe, when I look back, that I had to say to people I believed he would kill me, because looking back now, that seems so [deep breath] surreal. I believed that if I didn’t do all these things that, yeah, that he would, he would kill me hmm.

She has little education, no work experience, and has recently taught herself to speak English. the first thing they said is ‘You don’t exist in our papers.’Yes.

She left her family in Pakistan when she was seventeen, to live in the UK with her married sister and to enter into an arranged marriage with the brother of her sister’s husband. So when I called the first time [unclear] people, they … And when you’re on the street you have to sell your body for either…’Right.

Yasmin is a 32 year old British Asian woman living with her three children in a Housing Association house. until I left my partner I never knew I can get a child benefit or I am register with my children as a Mother, yes or no. And he make sure he give me that reminder, ‘Oh if you leave me you will end up begging on the streets.

Domestic violence can cause an adverse ripple effect on the emotional and psychological state of a survivor.

While being exposed to a traumatic experience can trigger mental health problems, living with a severe mental illness is likely to increase the vulnerability of a person being abused.Although abuse can cause emotional scarring, the majority of victims do not develop serious mental health issues.FCADV provides many resources to certified domestic violence centers for enhancing service provision to survivors living with mental health complexities.Between 3.3 million and 10 million children witness domestic violence annually (American Bar Association, 2009).Across studies of US and Canadian women receiving services for domestic violence, rates of depression ranged from 17% to 72%, and rates of PTSD ranged from 33% to 88% (Warshaw & Barnes, 2003).

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