Does contemporary dating lead to divorce

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Does contemporary dating lead to divorce

That’s also why I didn’t put myself in it at the end.Because I had written it originally in the first-person.

Those were both really dramatic stories, obviously, but in the end I felt like I wanted to tell the stories of middle-class, ordinary people, because I connected with those people, because they had the same experience as me in some ways.

Were you ever wary of approaching this story as an outsider, an American from a completely different culture?

I’m definitely cognisant that it comes with a certain amount of privilege for me to be able to come and do this project.

There were other couples that I interviewed and talked to.

One of them was two yogis who jumped over the walls of an ashram to be together.

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And I just felt like it was the omniscient narrator “I” telling you, this is how India’s changed.