Delphi updating tcomponent classes

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Values[Name] := s; end; var i : integer; begin JCAMP1. Header As Integer['Find This']; end; // This is called when Error Text is set procedure TJCAMP.Set Error Text(const Value: String); begin FError Text := Value; if Value The default directive merely tells the compiler whether or not to store the current value of a published property in the associated *file.If the default directive is omitted, all values are stored in the *file.When present, if the property's value matches the default, it is not stored.The secret (based on examining code and the help example for TStrings.Assign) is to define the property to be of type TStrings, but to create the property using TString List (because it implements the TStrings abstract methods). Once data is assigned to the property, you will not be able to save, compile, or close applications that use the component. TMouse Event = procedure(Sender: TObject; Button: TMouse Button; Shift: TShift State; X, Y: Integer) of object; TControl = class(TComponent) private FOn Mouse Down: TMouse Event; protected procedure Mouse Down(Button: TMouse Button; Shift: TShift State; X, Y: Integer); dynamic; property On Mouse Down: TMouse Event read FOn Mouse Down write FOn Mouse Down; end; procedure TControl.Since the component creates the TString List, be sure that it also Frees it. Free; // Program leaks memory without this inherited; end; // Txyz. Setmy Property(Value: TStrings); begin Fmy Property. Assign(Value); end; Warning: If you define the property to simply read and write a TStrings field, you will get wierd bpl failures (Access violation ... Mouse Down(Button: TMouse Button; Shift: TShift State; X, Y: Integer); begin if Assigned(FOn Mouse Down) then FOn Mouse Down(Self, Button, Shift, X, Y); end; function Get Header As Integer(Name: string): Integer; procedure Set Header As Integer(Name: string; const Value: Integer); property Header As Integer[Name:string] : Integer read Get Header As Integer write Set Header As Integer; function TJCAMP.

This post was motivated by via [Way Back] Having started with Delphi before the Cardinal type was ... Recently, our team has been moving toward a more agile way of working.Txyz_Write Mode = (mc WM_Update, mc WM_Generate, mc WM_Add Section) ; Txyz = class(Twhatever) private Fmy Property : Txyz_Write Mode ; // This defines the "Field" variable published property my Property : Txyz_Write Mode read Fmy Property write Fmy Property; end; At design time, properties based on TStrings provide a way to enter several lines of text.You click on the property, then click on the button with 3 dots, and a text editor window opens - just type whatever you want. to get a bigger edit window.) Several components (such as TMemo and TRich Edit) have a property of this type. because TStrings is an abstract class you can not CREATE a property of this type.No A0038181F” (aka ADUG) will be held at pm AEST on Monday 16 September 2019 at the Melbourne Men’s Shed Adjacent to the Level 1 Car Park, Federation Square Corner Flinders and Russell Streets, Melbourne The ...TMS Software Blog – I'm glad to say that John Kouraklis has written yet another great book about Delphi: Introducing Delphi ORM: Object Relational Mapping Using TMS Aurelius.

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I then need to UPDATE the 'cost' field of each of these records with that value. Any source code or advise on this matter would be appreciated. Active:=True; //Be shure that Query active My Query. -- Please DO NOT accept this comment as an answer !

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