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Some of these tools are more invasive than others, requiring you to take apart original fittings or take samples of buildings that may harm the building's structural integrity.– If you guys are wondering what dating are gonna be like in 2017, this is pretty much it I'm glad that Tinder sent this I think we have to go, we actually have to go use this in public now – Yeah, let's go on our date, our VR date – Let's do it You know sometimes we're doing videos, I feel like we're going too far This is a video where we're not going far enough – Nobody knows what we're looking at – No one, yeah – But they could think that we are looking at an actual VR like setting So really the joke's on them – We have to be like one with each other It's like you gotta find your inner zen – That was so romantic – I'm not ready for Tinder VR yet It's too much – I'm gonna do it with like no hands – We have to like, come down together I think – And go – Got it, mmmm, delicious tea – Oh God, that was weird (laughs) I think I'm gonna stick with real life dating – Yeah Tinder time!I've gotta give 'em props This is funny, this is cool, I can really not think of a better way spending my Valentine's day than alone with this headset on Sorry – Okay, I mean, I'm not here – So this is one of the slightly less ridiculous, well I don't know, would you say your videos are slightly less ridiculous?Because I can't see you at all I can see your left eye kinda – Let me get a light here – Whoa, that's creepy – Wait try it – It's like just looking at someone's eyes Are you from LA originally?(laughs) We're like on a date right now – So imagine if every date actually had to be like this, we're forced to never look away from a person We're kinda, no, no, don't do that – Oh we're just chillin' – Okay, okay, I need to give it a break – Okay, yeah – That's a lot – Whoa, that was– – Wow – I feel like we just went through something together – I feel like we have to make other people try this now – Glasses off – Hat off too – No, yeah – Oh my God you guys look ridiculous – This is so weird Oh, whoa!


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