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Datingnation101 com

Often times I will ask her what she wants to do just see if we are even on the same page because I never go on a first date activity to just to please somebody. I have found that the average date costs someplace between -0 with being on the cheap side.

Let me tell you what my idea of a perfect first date(I pay for everything, and have planned the date with prior input); We meet late on a Saturday afternoon and have light cocktails for about an hour, then we go to a nice dinner-often I prefer Italian, then depending on mood and schedule we go see a movie or a play that we have both agreed to see.

I have been a sugar baby for 4 years […] Continue reading By Caitlin As you all must know now, sugaring is hard enough, but it could get harder if you live in Mexico City. Think of it like this: You’re selling delicious expensive cupcakes but potential customers are not rich, are looking for frozen yogurt instead or don’t even realize they’re in a cupcake store. Some men who I’ve turned down told […] Continue reading By Caitlin About to get on your first phone call with sugar daddy? If there’s one thing that I’ve notice from years of being a sugar baby is how much more time I spend talking on the phone.And I don't mean she has to be some intellectual giant or rocket scientist.She should just be confident about herself and whatever it is she likes and be prepared to discuss it.I sort of accidentally fell into the sugaring world during college, left it for a bit, and […] Continue reading By Caitlin I don’t know why but it never fails that I always get asked “So have you ever been with a girl” by every sugar daddy that I’ve had.I guess men in general fantasize about how much of a turn on it is to watch two girls make out or potentially bring another woman in […] Continue reading By Caitlin Tell us about yourself: who are you? My name is Moira and until I was 16, I lived in Tanzania.

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