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Datinginislam com

I believe with all in place our youth will see the beauty in Islamic values that past generations have unintentionally destroyed in the Name of God.

Finding love and choosing your spouse is the single most important decision you will make in your life so it’s important to choose wisely.

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Of course this is not a Muslim phenomenon but a universal one.I am often surprised at my Muslim friends who date with no intent of marriage.Why would they invest so much energy, time and emotion on someone they don’t have any intention to remain with?As Muslims though we believe that God has sent us guidance that would solve all our worldly problems and yet we aren’t even close to solving the Muslim youth crises. Our youth complain that religious folk don’t get them.They are there to throw rules and judge them at every given moment. When my non-Muslim friends ask me this question, I am often stumped.

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In my opinion, the ‘getting to know someone’ part could be given the term dating or courtship.

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  1. There are even some Oriental couples here when they are available, but it looks like it is the girls that is the most popular models here. Do you see anybody you would like to know better here?