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With TVS, an early gestational sac should be seen at a β-h CG level of 1500 to 2000 m IU/ml (Third International Standard).

For patients with lower titers, the β-h CG should double within 48 hours.

5), and large subchorionic bleeds have all been associated with an increased risk of first-trimester pregnancy loss.

48 of 49 women determined to have an empty uterus via TVS were spared dilatation and curettage.

This includes but is not limited to power settings, basic orientation, and proper cleaning of ultrasound probes between uses.Normal early gestational sacs are seen eccentrically placed, adjacent to the echogenic central stripe (Fig. These masses usually resolve spontaneously by the onset of the second trimester.They can contain areas of complex echogenicity that may masquerade as a neoplasm or an ectopic pregnancy.Progesterone measurements increase the sensitivity of the algorithm by inexpensively screening large numbers of patients during the first trimester of pregnancy. The corpus luteum itself and hemoperitoneum secondary to it can lead to a false-positive diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy.The definitive diagnosis is made by transvaginal ultrasound or uterine curettage and does not depend on the serum progesterone concentrations obtained during screening. 7) A large percentage of the time, identification of an ectopic adnexal mass is based on the findings of a tubal ring or complex adnexal mass (Fig. In addition, the clinician should be aware that very small ectopic pregnancies identified on ultrasound may be difficult to identify laparoscopically.


Particularly with the rise of patients undergoing assisted reproduction, this entity is being encountered more frequently.

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