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The early XIV models were rather plain looking with minimal decorative trim and curved Queen Anne legs.In 1914 the cabinet style changed and was made larger and quite a bit more elegant and decorative.In 1906, the Victrola was crafted like a fine piece of furniture.All of the mechanisms were hidden in a beautiful crafted wooden cabinet.Can you please tell me around when it was made and how much it is worth? of Camden, NJ was in operation from 1901 through 1929.In late 1929 the RCA Corporation purchased Victor and continued to use the Victor and Victrola names and logos on their products for many years up through the 1970s.Kellner’s vehicle, along with her cellphone, was located near an apartment in the 600 block of Whitney Ranch Drive on June 30.

There is some misleading information on the Internet about the Spanish and Japanese text on the metal plaque.

Your Victor Victrola is in wonderful cosmetic condition.

I don’t see any missing veneer and the interior is equally nice.

The earliest of this model has a serial number of 509 and the latest 275574.

Your Victrola was made in 1915 based on the serial number but the wood style is more indicative of changes made in 1917.

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Crisan and Kellner had reportedly met on the dating website Plenty of Fish a few weeks before the shooting. Juliane Kellner, 42, lived with roommates and was last seen on June 28.

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