Dating van briggle marks

Posted by / 16-Apr-2020 13:19

We will take a closer look at some early Van Briggle advertisements, factory views and photo's from Van Briggle's early days.

Pieces from the early production years of 1901-1904 are of particular interest to Van Briggle collectors since Artus Van Briggle was alive during this time period.

The early Van Briggle ephemera helps us explore the history of this pottery company from it's earliest days.

The glazes produced by Van Briggle over the years have been very diverse and dramatic.

The early glazes tend to me more dynamic and are therefore more sought after by collectors today. We will show you a variety of sample marks from the 100 year history of the Van Briggle Pottery Company.

He died in 1904 and his wife took over managing the pottery.

One of the employees, Kenneth Stevenson, took over the company in 1969. The wares usually have modeled relief decorations and a soft, matte glaze.

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