Dating the earth through the bible

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Dating the earth through the bible

One was the ‘gap’ view which argued there was an indefinitely long period of time between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2.Another idea was the ‘day-age’ view which said each ‘day’ in Genesis 1 was actually a long period of time.

These can then be matched to an ‘absolute’ astronomical calendar to determine an approximate age for the earth.This was done by a series of “scriptural geologists” with limited success, a history that Terry Mortenson documents in his book The other answer was to change one’s interpretation of Genesis.As a result, the 19th century saw the introduction of a number of new interpretations that attempted to synthesize Genesis 1 with a much longer period of time.For instance, in the Greek Septuagint Adam is 230 years old when he has Seth.In the later Hebrew Masoretic text, however, he is 130 years old.

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