Dating success stories

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Dating success stories

Fortunately, the schedule didn't allow time for dinner.

Tom arrived at my table with potato skins and asked it I would like one.

I attended only one of the Pre-Dating events, begrudgingly I must add.

I had been divorced for three years and while I had dated a lot, I found it to be very different from my memory of dating from the 11 years earlier before I was married.

Tom says I married him because he feeds me (he loves to cook), and while that isn't the primary reason, his good cooking certainly didn't hurt!

Just under a year later, on October 8, 2016, we became engaged.

I have ALWAYS believed in speed-dating and am so proud to have met my future husband this way.

After agreeing to an exit plan in case the event was horrible (it wasn't!! I noticed Frank sitting on the couch in Sterlings almost immediately and we talked for a minute before the event even started. I found all the people I talked to highly interesting and even though they were not all particularly what I was looking for, I thought about 90% were people I could see being friends with.

Once Frank and I had each other's information, we talked right away and made arrangements to meet.

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