Dating someone twice my age

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And I´m happy that we are in a relationship with each other, because for us this makes sense, and we share this special love, which I can´t describe.

I hope that people will understand, what we share or anyone else is sharing, is special love, which you will never understand, and instead of judgeing, let´s understand then judge! If you are talking about legally, there are no laws about dating.

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Now that people are living longer and are healthier and fitter than ever, generation gaps are far less notable.

As Simcha points out, though, you’re the younger, and therefore sexier, one in the relationship now, which means that your self-esteem will probably get a boost.

He has it together, so you can focus on keeping yourself together instead of being the only true adult in the relationship.

It’s a given that the guy you’re dating probably loves your energy, and that you energize him.

For me there's nothing wrong with dating at a young age as long as you are responsible enough to handle yourself and to face the consequences...

I can say by experience,that I´m dating a wonderful and caring man, who happens to be twice my age.

He is 46 years old, I´m 23 years old, and we have been together for 6 months.

Dating a guy from another generation can be just as fun as dating someone from your own. Focus on the spark you have together and not on the gaps between you.

There are some definite upsides to dating an older man who has established himself and figured out what he wants out of life.

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