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Dating sites iq test

Other skills that fall under this banner include being able to rapidly multiply large numbers together, recreate maps from memory, name the day of the week for any date in the past, and so on.This is not traditional “intelligence”, but even those with massive IQ scores would struggle to match these feats.

Use our site to learn more about intelligence and discover the details of our unusual methods to enhance your cognitive perception, based on novel scientific intelligence studies.There are a lot of profiles with photos taken from the Internet, with different characteristics but with the same description from points to comas, even emoticones.Just a crappy way to increase the number of women in that site. I clicked on a banner ad claiming quick IQ test, filled out a form, did NOT complete registration of a profile, and they emailed my entire Gmail contact list saying each recipient had a message waiting from me.While testing your IQ may provide an indication of your overall intelligence, including your problem-solving skills and ability to use logic, there are other types of intelligence that may not be directly measurable in this manner.People on the autism spectrum may have specific intelligence that can be displayed with different conditions.

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The movie Rain Man depicted an autistic character with special abilities related to numbers and calculations – if you dropped a quantity of matchsticks on the ground, he would instantly be able to tell you how many there were, even up into the hundreds.

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