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Dating site in the bahamas

The report even gives names of individual Bahamian police officers and stations.

But according to Stephen Dean, assistant commissioner of the Royal Bahama Police Force (RBPF), no such investigation exists.

According to a cached copy of the now-deleted UNGC document, Assange contacted Toddand Clare in June of this year seeking to become an ambassador for KATIA, and Todd Hammond and Assange spoke on four separate occasions in July.

The document goes on to claim that Toddand Clare then ended its association with Assange in September after discovering through its "Trust & Safety team" he had allegedly used the site to sexually abuse a minor.

One such theory, reported by the Daily Kos on Monday and amplified on social media, is that Ecuador removed Assange from the internet because of a UN report that he had sent lewd images and sexually explicit messages to an 8-year-old girl over an obscure dating app.

These reports are written entirely by the member organizations, and the UN does not vet them.

But after an in-depth and cordial conversation, Hammond refused to continue answering questions about the story.

While Buzz Feed News was able to verify Drotar's involvement in the project, it was unable to confirm the identity of the Google reverse image search engineer Hammond claimed worked on KATIA.

Since the Wiki Leaks Twitter account announced Monday that Ecuador had severed Assange’s digital access, a miasma of rumors claiming to explain the decision has spread.

Did the US pressure Ecuador — in whose English embassy Assange has lived since 2012 — to cut Assange off over leaks related to the upcoming presidential election? Did Pamela Anderson feed him a poisoned vegan sandwich?

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But it's a claim that has nothing to do with the UN, and the Bahamian police contradict it almost entirely.

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