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If she previously said it wasn’t an issue and you didn’t do anything to make it an issue (ie., talk ad nauseam about being in recovery cuz that does get really old)... However, as someone who has been in multiple codependent and emotionally manipulative, relationships I would encourage you to see her choice in a positive light.

Once she realized that you have a Higher Power, and that she was not it, and that she could not influence and control you, she found someone in denial that could be more easily manipulated.

It happens, often for reasons even more minor than this.

You’d hope that at our age, we could have open truthful dialogue . And totally useless to dissect it, cause understanding her isn't going to help to understand what anyone else would think of you. you're free to move on and now available to be with someone who won't be critical of your past.

Maybe she likes "fix it" projects - she wants to fix him and make him a better person.

Maybe she likes something about him that she doesn't see in you.

She said she won't date an alcoholic She wasn't honest about why she broke up, obviously. She likely had another reason or just didn't feel it with you.

Its what people do to try not to hurt your feelings.

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It sucks, but you will find someone who wants to be with you. First off, congratulations on approaching 8 years, more power to you in your journey.