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“Even though a lot of technology is there to help make people more efficient and effective at finding dates on their own — it’s not working.It’s creating a paralysis of choice.” Singles can feel overwhelmed on a dating site or app with thousands of profiles and little guidance.“We’re the only licensed and accredited matchmaker in Palm Beach County,” Steven said.“We actually took the time to register as a dating service.” Consumer Affairs has given the company a five-star satisfaction rating based on consumer reviews, and Master Matchmakers has an A-minus rating (with a composite score of 4.5) from the Better Business Bureau where 96% of its reviews are positive.

“We have a very different approach to matchmaking,” Steven said.

Master Matchmakers is at the forefront of pairing high-tech tools with personalized service.

“My mom always said technology can’t replace personal service,” Steven said, “but it can augment it in a personal way.” The private matchmaking firm’s extensive background tools have been a tremendous upside to the business model because clients feel more comfortable agreeing to go on a date when they have all the facts.

After the success of their show, Steven and Jo Ann Ward have renewed their focus on making the best possible matches for every client.

Master Matchmakers has earned a solid reputation as a professional matchmaker by thoroughly vetting its clientele and offering results-oriented resources to singles who are serious about making a connection.

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“You hired us to find the ideal fit for you, and we do grassroots marketing to find them in our database or outside our network.” Steven brings a modern attitude to a 5,000-year-old profession.

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