Dating round bottom bottles

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Dating round bottom bottles

Henry Cochrane was from Dublin, Ireland though his headquarter may have later been in Belfast and many of the imported ginger ale bottles found in this country, bear his name and the word Belfast.These round bottom bottles could have contained other soft drinks many by this company as well.Many unsubstantiated stories abound about how these bottles were used as ballast and so were often dumped overboard at port.Divers in this country do recover many examples but not nearly enough to support the ballast notion.

These bottles are sometimes refereed to as Hamiltons.

Cucumber bottles may have either a both blob or taper lip.

When embossed with a name or in a color other than aqua they can be valuable.

All of the round and torpedo bottles I have recovered from shipwrecks were always packed in square crates just like their flat bottom counterparts.

Unlike other books on the subject, that provide a diagram and step by step instructions Capt.

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Only bottles from the Canada and the United States are currently supported and dating ends at 1920.