Dating puma virus

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Dating puma virus

Especially when the ransom note is displayed in the file named the same as before. The contact email is changed according to the version.

PUMA ransomware ransom message reads the following: PUMA ransomware developers encourage victims to contact these hackers behind a virus but you shouldn't do so because paying the ransom or contacting cybercriminals can lead to more severe damage on the system or even data or money loss.

Unfortunately, safe-looking Microsoft Word, Excel or PDF files often filled with macro viruses.

The minute you open and download the document ransomware payload gets on the system or system is infected with malware which is set to distribute direct ransomware around.

malware strains in this family have a few similar features, for example, the ransom note is placed in the text file named ! Although hackers who developed this threat suggests a test decryption on this ransom message, you shouldn't contact them in any way because the decryption process, in most cases, is not possible.

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If you need an alternative to file backups, you can try one of the methods listed below.