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Dating needy person

The little dog jumps around on his hind legs, licking the other dogs face, while the big dog is turning away, as if saying, ‘Oh please, give me a break…” That’s normal dog behavior.However, when neediness manifests in a human relationship, the ‘big dog’ feels trapped by the clingy behavior of their partner.Should your new relationship begin to feel uncomfortable due to their neediness, you can try explaining to the other person that their constant attention makes you edgy. If you are feeling as though all the energy is being drained out of you by your partner, it’s not a balanced and healthy relationship. Are they affected by a temporarily stressful situation?In which case, once that is dealt with, they should return to normal.Needy people are not horrible, evil or mentally ill, but they would certainly benefit from counselling or therapy. Contact one of our professional psychics for advice.Simply having someone listen to their fears and anxiety can often settle them and relieve their need for external validation. If it appears that ‘needful’ is their usual state of being, you should think about whether this is working for you.You can never make them feel good for more than a short while and pretty soon, they’ll require more bolstering, more reassurance and more of your time and attention.

Neediness is also an from other people, such as respect, a sense of value, being liked and loved, and recognition.They often present as perfectly normal but in certain relationships, such as within families or in a couple, their neediness surfaces and manifests as 'clinginess'.Have you ever seen a small dog trying to gain the attention of a larger one?They don’t need another person to validate them and make them feel important. Someone who needs their position by your side to be reinforced constantly is either excessively needy or overly controlling. She is always asking you what you are thinking/feeling. He responds to posts that are years old, indicating that he’s working his way through your social media life.Of course, in any long-term relationship, there will be times when supporting your partner is necessary. This is a part of life; it’s what you sign up for when committing to a relationship or marriage. When your partner seems to be trying to get inside your head, it feels uncomfortable in the extreme. He’ll question you about your contacts and friends, asking if you love him more than them.

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At first, it’s quite flattering to be the object of adoration, but after a while, it can all become too much.

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