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Women and girls tend to perform more labor-intensive work than men and boys do, such as carrying water to the village, earthen plastering the mopane wood homes with a traditional mixture of red clay soil and cow manure binding agent, collecting firewood, attending to the calabash vines used for producing and ensuring a secure supply of soured milk, cooking and serving meals, as well as artisans making handicrafts, clothing and jewelry.An infant or child will generally have his or her head kept shaven of hair, or with just a small crop of hair on the crown of the head.This soon is sculptured, for young boys, into one braided plait extending to the rear of the head.Young girls have two braided plaits extending forward towards the face, often parallel to their eyes, the form of wear being determined by the oruzo membership (patrilineal descent group).The style remains during preadolescence until puberty.

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