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If she likes flowers, get her flowers every now and then.

Don’t wait for an occasion like Valentine’s Day to buy flowers.

Even though you might think your wife looks hot, she cannot read your mind. In addition to telling your wife you love her, try writing a note that expresses your love.

My wife loves it when I leave her a short note or email saying how beautiful she is or how much I love her.

Yet after a few years of marriage, some men can go days without telling their wife they love them.

A common excuse men give for not telling their wife they love her is, “I already show my wife I love her by working long hours to provide for the family and mowing the yard.” While it’s true that love can and should be shown through actions, women need to hear that you love them.

Find something that you know your wife enjoys and get it for her.

This is especially important to do if your wife gets all fancied up.

I’ve been in the doghouse a few times for failing to take the time to tell my wife how great she looks after she’s dolled up.

When was the last time you actually went on a date with your wife?

Establish a date night with your wife and treat this time with her as sacred. If you can’t afford a babysitter, find another young couple with kids and offer to trade babysitting services.

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I read a sad story about a woman who broke down and cried every time her husband brought home flowers because it meant he just wanted sex. When you first dated your wife, you probably took her out somewhere every weekend.

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