Dating loopy

Posted by / 10-Feb-2020 08:40

Dating loopy

Stay away from this site, it is the worst dating site I have ventured on.

I'm not writing this in relation to any success on this site to get dates, I am just wanting to state facts as I should have read up on similar reviews to these.

Now I know it wasn't me as I did not even ave a computer at the time Is it the system that does it to make people think users are available or what?? Read Full Review I took out a 6 month subscription of Loopylove, yeh not one of my better idea's.

Read Full Review From someone that doesn't write review, this is more a warning to folk.

This time round, aside from the fact there are very few active users to interact with, they've been taking money out of my account.

I got in touch with the bank, who I are working to cancel the debits.

But after I paid almost no new contacts, made worse by the checking activities section which did show the odd contact. Read Full Review Amorix, Alcuda, Cpdnethelp, anything with cupid in are all part of the same group who run these sites and set up fake profiles sending messages to non members to get them to hand over their bank details, just to find they've paid for nothing.

But still nothing in my inbox, after a while I began to see a pattern,even if I did send an email to some of the women. Then they wont cancel your subscription and keep charging you, 'as it is in their terms and conditions', which means absolutely nothing when you've followed their terms and conditions, they just lie and keep saying it. Read Full Review i hate the site of loopy love cause i've had £50 out my account and i've never gave them my bank details so im not inpressed at all thay have had the money of me but and i still could talk to any of the girls on the sit cause it kept on showing the part where u put ur bank details in so nothin but a big con and its full of sh*t so can u take me of the loopy love site thank you if not i will repport u and them now what you are realy like And that the site is nothin but a joke so when u get this…

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