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Dating loophole

Payments are usually made using online credits, which users buy in bulk prior to using the website.

Such scams survive because of current legislative loopholes in Ukraine, which allow fraudulent services to continue to profit from selling dreams to their clients, while exploiting their employees.The internet having been such “a gamechanger” regarding consumption as we see it, it forced France and other Europeans nations “to totally re-think consumption regulations,” the official said.When it comes to matchmaking websites – be it dating or marriage websites – “each website is forced to determine the true identity of every single one of its users,” the official said.Stolyarenko praises these laws, but so far they have done little to change the situation.Lacking enforcement Nataliya Koval – the owner of a legitimate and successful Ukrainian matchmaking website – agreed to speak to the Kyiv Post to give the perspective of a professional in the matchmaking business.

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How it works Among the various types of dating websites that operate on the web, nearly all the scamming websites use what they call a “pay-per-letter,” or PPL scheme.

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