Dating lonely online

Posted by / 27-Oct-2019 19:36

Nobody wants to settle for whatever is just on offer.

But settling is not the same as actively choosing and it’s easy to confuse the two.

Even those of us in relationships are lonely, even those of us who have lots of friends are lonely – lonely, lonely, lonely. Or are we just more acutely aware of our loneliness these days?

Now that we have so grossly overstimulated ourselves with social media, do we just need stimulation all the time?

And usually the person who really sees us, who knows us better than anyone else, is our other half, our partner, the love of our lives.

“I can’t find anyone genuine.” “Nobody wants a relationship anymore.” “I feel like an option.” “He won’t commit.” “All the good ones are taken.” These are the kinds of things I constantly hear from my single friends when I ask the dreaded question: “How’s the dating going?

” I don’t think all the good ones are taken (hello, I’m still single) and I do think people still want relationships but they also want it all, and hey, who can blame ‘em? We also want more than ever to make the right decision.

Add to this the fact that Generation Z are reporting feeling lonelier than ever before and you have to wonder what’s going on.

But it’s not just young people who are experiencing loneliness, we’re all lonely and we’re lonely all the time.

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Ian Doney, 51, died penniless after fraudsters targeted his lonely heart pleas to get his savings.

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